Coprocess in shell

This article is pending and will talk about coprocesses used in shells.

A coprocess is a process run asynchronously on a shell that has a pipe for stdin, stderr, stdout, etc. attached to the main process. By this way you are able for example to redirect a main process output both to a log and to stdout at the same time.


X Regata Ophiusa

El passat 28 d’Abril es va donar la sortida de la X regata Ophiusa. Aquesta regata celebrada anualment per setmana santa té sortida a Sitges i arribada a Formentera.
És una regata molt tècnica on l’entrada de la primavera provoca una inestabilitat atmosfèrica que habitualment fa que hi hagi tot tipus de condicions: des de encalmades, plujes, vents forts, etc.

Aquest any he realitzat la regata per segona vegada amb El X, un IMX 38 de X-Yatchs.


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STREAM benchmark – E5410, E5645, AMD 2356, AMD 6272


Today I needed to measure some memory bandwidths of these four architectures.

I have nodes of a cluster with the following features:

Dell PowerEdge M600:
– 2 sockets
– 2x Intel Xeon E5410, 4c (Harpetown), UMA with front-side-bus
– 15GiB FB-DIMM DDR2 667Mhz

Dell PowerEdge M605
– 2 sockets
– 2x AMD Opteron 2345, 4c (Barcelona), NUMA
– 32 GiB DDR2 800Mhz

Dell PowerEdge M610
– 2 sockets
– 2x Intel Xeon E5645, 6c (Westmere-EP), NUMA
– 32 GiB DDR3 1333Mhz

AMD Node
– 4 sockets
– 4x AMD Opteron 6272, 12c (Interlagos), NUMA
– 256GB (n/d)

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Hello world!

Hello people!

This is my first post here. Until now I had been writing my notes and keeping my information a little bit unorganizated. I had several webpages, notes, links, e-mails, etc. and this webpage will centralize all of these pieces.

On the other hand possibly this fresh WP install will give me the possibility to restart writing my own articles as I did on my old blog in blogspot. The advantatge of publishing here is that this server is entirely under my control, fully backed up periodically, and more things 😉

I will write in Catalan and in English, I expect you like it!!