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Citrix XenCenter process hang when importing VMDK

Recently I tried to import a VMDK disc into a new VM using the old and commercial Citrix XenCenter 6.2 (build 1069). It created a process that hanged and a virtual machine kept running in the background.

I started the import process and selected DHCP as network configuration mode for the process of importing when I had no DHCP configured on the particular VLAN. This caused that the import process to get blocked and later it failed. Everything was fine until the network guy told me that he was receiving alerts from his switch that a certain MAC was trying to get IP by DHCP.

I checked in XenCenter all the VM’s and didn’t found the MAC. The mac was neither in the host.

Here is what I did:

Is the MAC assigned to your virtual switch?:

[root@xenserver /]# ovs-appctl fdb/show xenbr0

Which is the VM assigned to this MAC?:

[root@xenserver /]# grep -r <mac-address> /etc/openvswitch/conf.db

Which is the name of the VM with this UID?:
[root@xenserver /]# xe vm-list|grep 071e54a2-0b3b-5e61-1f84-1f3575e49f8f
uuid ( RO)           : 071e54a2-0b3b-5e61-1f84-1f3575e49f8f
name-label ( RW): Transfer VM for VDI b660621f-6eeb-4e61-b2b4-a33a3b14c46b
power-state ( RO): running

Get more info about 071e54a2-0b3b-5e61-1f84-1f3575e49f8f:

[root@xenserver /]# xenstore-ls (look for the string)
Find the VDI:
[codesyntax lang="bash" lines="no" container="none" blockstate="expanded"]
[root@xenserver /]# xe vdi-list
uuid ( RO)                : b660621f-6eeb-4e61-b2b4-a33a3b14c46b
name-label ( RW): Virtual Disk
name-description ( RW): Created by XenCenter Disk Image Import
sr-uuid ( RO): a2a537a6-10ce-15ad-389d-a8c54a5f2bc3
virtual-size ( RO): 32212254720
sharable ( RO): false
read-only ( RO): false

More info about the VDI:

[root@xenserver /]# xe vbd-list vdi-uuid=b660621f-6eeb-4e61-b2b4-a33a3b14c46b
uuid ( RO)             : 70185847-43a5-b9c6-2964-f737f24f6e38
vm-uuid ( RO): 071e54a2-0b3b-5e61-1f84-1f3575e49f8f
vm-name-label ( RO): Transfer VM for VDI b660621f-6eeb-4e61-b2b4-a33a3b14c46b
vdi-uuid ( RO): b660621f-6eeb-4e61-b2b4-a33a3b14c46b
empty ( RO): false
device ( RO): xvdb

Stop&destroy the machine:

[root@xenserver /]# xe vm-shutdown uuid=071e54a2-0b3b-5e61-1f84-1f3575e49f8f
[root@xenserver /]# xe vm-destroy uuid=071e54a2-0b3b-5e61-1f84-1f3575e49f8f