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Tivoli TSM 7.1.1 database instance UML schema


I wanted to create some UML schemas for my understanding about Tivoli TSM internals.I couldn’t find any schema in IBM neither in the internet, so I created a simple script that, given a list of “table_name, column, type”, creates a very basic Gnome DIA diagram.

The query to create the input file for my script is:

dsmadmc -id=admin -pa=yourpass -tab select TABNAME,COLNAME,TYPENAME from columns|awk '{print $2" "$3" "$4}'

or if you want only the tables for TSM Instance and not internal the tables for internal schemas:

dsmadmc -id=admin -pa=yourpass -tab select TABSCHEMA,TABNAME,COLNAME,TYPENAME from columns|grep TSMDB1|awk '{print $2" "$3" "$4}'

Feel free to download and test the script. Call the input file “taules_columnes_tsm3” or modify dbdump variable in genera_tot() function. I didn’t tune it so its ugly but you can improve it if you want in a few minutes.

Download the script and the generated .dia from here: