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Add custom application link to Gnome3 Activities Menu

If you want to create a custom link to some command or application on the Gnome3 activities menu, and you don’t want to install tools like Alacarte, just do the following:

1. Create a <name>.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications/

[lipi@i5-moll applications]$ pwd
[lipi@i5-moll applications]$ cat oracle-task-input.desktop 
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Oracle Task Input
Comment=Llança el gestor de tasques Oracle

And that’s all!

If you want to see the icons that are defined in the system, take a look into /usr/share/applications/

oracle-task-input icon

How to lock access to system control on Fedora 19+

Recently I wanted to make a “black-box” style laptop limiting access to a non-privileged Linux user to only insert characters with the keyboard, this is: no ctrl+alt+del, only one tty, no graphical environment, no action for power, suspend, and other laptop buttons, no mouse, … so, only the keyboard input.

It is a very very easy thing.


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